Commonweath and Windrush – Home Office surgery

The Home Office have arranged a meeting for those who need help or are concerned with their citizenship status.

17th September, 2018 4pm to 7pm
Honor Oak Community Centre
Turnham Road
Tel: 0800 678 1925

This is for those who need help, not for those who feel a need to protest. Please tell your friends if you feel they may be affected. The 2 relevant arrival dates are pre 1988 and 1973.

Budgeting Workshop, Roundtable Chat

All members are invited to attend a monthly workshop aimed at helping members create a budget to manage limited income and rising expenses.

Last month saw the first budgeting workshop / roundtable chat. Members found it helpful to share ideas on creating a budget to manage expenses at a time when income, benefits and allowances are becoming stretched.

These sessions are aimed at everyone. Those who manage their budgets ‘just fine’ are welcome to come and share their insights with those who find funds never stretch as far as needed.

These budget workshops are planned for the 2nd Monday of every month. The next workshops will be the 10th of September and 8th October.

Housing Campaign Group

src=”” alt=”” width=”138″ height=”60″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-21″ />Are You Interested in Housing Issues? Lewisham Pensioners Forum has a Housing Campaign Group

Following on from Housing Workshops and the various housing concerns that have been passed on to it, the Forum felt it necessary to establish a Housing Campaign Group – still part of the Forum but to focus specifically on housing issues such as

  • the removal of wardens from sheltered housing up and down the country,
  • accessing social housing via the choice based lettings system,
  • re-sales and service charge payments in retirement schemes,
  • aids and adaptations to help people stay in their homes
  • plus others…

Lewisham Hospital Campaign

The Forum’s ‘Save our NHS’s group is working hard to protect our NHS. Our next public meeting is on July 14th, 7.00pm at The Saville Centre (See Campaigns Page for more information about the campaign topics)

Lewisham Hospital Campaign
NHS Lewisham Hospital Campaign